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(Archived) Suggestions for Evernote clients

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While the new interface for the windows beta client has some promising features, the streamlined note adding in the current 3.1 (latest non-beta i believe) is significantly more appealing to the eye and ergonomically inclined interface. This feature would be an improvement if implemented in beta and the next generation of the clients for both windows AND macosx.

The Voice note option from mobile clients is a significantly useful feature. on the other hand, those who wish to take advantage of such intuitive note taking and do not have the means of access to expensive smart-phones can not do to a lack of voice note taking via built in computer microphone. also the lack of such a feature for the PalmPre (while not owning one for the aforementioned reason) which has an extremely well designed interface poised to take great advantage with its multitasking in sync with evernote , is slightly disappointing.

these features, as i see it, while not "new" or "unique ideas" still deserve some attention. Commenters and developers, what are your ideas on such features or ommitance thereof?

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