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Presentation Mode Problems in

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According to the latest release notes, it is implied that live editing is now available in the Windows client.


Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes
  • New and improved:
    • Use presentation mode on multiple monitors to edit a note as you present it.

I have a second display attached and set to extended mode and can get the presentation mode on one screen and the regular client on the other, but edits on the regular screen are not showing up on the presentation screen.  Should they in this new version?


Also, I've noticed that both menu options: Note->Present and Note->Present on Another Screen do not appear to work for me and nor do the assigned hot keys.  I have to use the Present icon on the note to start it.

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I saw something from Software Marcus to the effect that 'live' editing was possible in the new version,  but I haven't tried it out yet - will give it a shot later and see what happens.  Agreed the shortcut keys and Note menu option don't work. Sigh...

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So:  much much later (and with a new update) ...  here's some comments/ notes I made while playing.


While in Presentation mode the main window pops up on the same monitor that you're using for Evernote.  In Windows at least that's just a normal window,  so you can swop back to Evernote while presenting,  or -if you have more than one screen- you can move the Presentation window (via a non-standard icon in the top left of the screen) onto another display.

It's not possible to edit the Presentation screen,  and if you edit the note that's currently being presented,  there's no immediate change - but click to the next window in Presentation mode and then back again,  and you'll see the new comments,  so 'semi' live editng is possible.

NB - You can't print or otherwise document your presentation,  other than by printing out the individual notes - so 'short' content (a printed page or less) is best.

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Hi Justin,


I'm using Windows version


  • None of the keys work to move through the presentation, e.g. left or right or page up or down.
  • Live editing is still not possible

Any idea when this will come to windows. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to use a Mac at work.

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Hmm... basically a year later and this does not work for me on Win8... nor Win10.

I have also spent way too much time poking around on this forum to try to find whether "realtime editing in presenter mode on the presenter screen" is possible or in the hopper... have seen a lot of suggestions, but don't know.  So I'm suggesting it and have mentioned it in another thread today.  Posting below a repeat of that post. 


Enhancement Suggestion:

I have found several related posts out there with no solution, and I'm new to the forum with little time to "hunt around," so I'll put this comment here.  My apologies in advance if I'm breaking some sort of protocol.   The ability to both view and edit a note in real time (whether viewing presenter mode on a second monitor or primary doesn't matter) is a critical business need for me.  I take notes in EN, and then when capturing feedback or commentary during presentation time, I have to either capture them in another place or first transfer them to powerpoint for the presentation and use EN as the capture.  Either way, it is highly inefficient.  I love the look and ease of presenter mode, but I need 2 things: 

  1. annotation capability in presenter mode on Windows (should be possible with Win10???) and;
  2. real-time edit IN presenter mode (edit right on the presentation view)


I may post this in other related threads as well. That's probably frowned upon, but I don't mind.  I love EN; this feature would make it better.


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As an update to my previous post in this thread, I found that the hotkey ctrl+alt+ent works on my win10 box. Took over a minute to pop up for the first time... which is why I didn't think it worked at all.  Truly doesn't work on my win8.1 lenovo notebook for some reason.  Not a big deal, but want to be precise & accurate.


Thanks for your suggestion, gazumped.  

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