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I can't get the YouTube to work in presentation mode

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Hi there


I'm wanting to start to use presentation mode for my presentations - however I can't get YouTube to work in this mode.  It's perfectly happy when I click the link from a normal Evernote note - however once I turn the same note into presentation mode, the YouTube site says 'blocked plugin' - how do I sort this?




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Hi KateMcK,


Have you updated your mobile and desktop clients yet? The new features rolled out yesterday/ today include the ability to open links and files in presentation mode. Just tested a YouTube link in presentation mode, and it opened in my default browser on Windows desktop and in Safari in iOS. On desktop, go to Help > "Check for Updates"... if you haven't already. There may be a delay for Mac users. It has been said they may be staggering the release, if not already out. 



Hey rmw1,


With the new updates yesterday/ today, there has been an upgrade to presentation mode. Indeed, on Windows desktop, one can now open links/ files in presentation mode. I have tested text files as well as PDF and Word Documents. Desktop may be a little more flexible in this respect now (due to the range of software on desktop), since Evernote seeks to open the file in its native application, even in presentation mode. I tested out an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file on desktop in presentation mode... and it opens up. In presentation mode it shows that it is loading until the file is opened up in the native application over presentation mode. 


I suggest before starting any sort of presentation, one opens up any application (such as AI) which takes some time to load/ populate... that way you'll reduce the lag time when you're engaged in a presentation.  :)

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Very granny/ eggs comment here,  for which I apologise in advance,  but when undertaking any form of presentation with new software or new features - make sure you run through it first on your own.  It's always embarassing if the audience starts to titter for entirely the wrong reasons...

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