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List view gone wrong on 5.7.0



Hey guys.


Just upgraded Evernote on my MBP to 5.7.0. Opened an old note that contained lists with items and sub-items in a tree structure. But now the tree was gone. Everything was on the same level, hierarchy-wise.


I'm writing in Hebrew, so I thought maybe re-aligning everything (to the right, in Hebrew) would help. But something weird happened: the origianl tree structure returned (yay!) but everything aligned to the LEFT, and won't align back to the right.


Kinda lost here. Help?

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We completely overhauled the way our note editor works so we could create an infrastructure for future capabilities.  We've already added the ability to resize tables and images.  In the process the way we interpret some of the HTML or other formatting may change.  How does your note look on the Evernote Web client or other mobile clients if you sue those? Possibly you can edit in another Evernote client and see if it fixes the issue on your Mac?

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