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When are we gonna get this transparent new look?





This picture comes from one of the official blogs: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/10/02/context-work-enriched-smartest-minds/


I've updated to the newest 5.7 version and just checked out the new features (context and workchat) which is great. But I found out that the appearance didn't change much.


I mean, this new look in the picture is beautiful but why haven't we get it and when are we gonna get it?

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So you like the cool new Yosemite look?  I like it too.  This kind of change is a really big deal and there are lots of things that need to get changed from icons in the Preference dialog to the way the bleed of the transparency is set to assure things are still readable.  Lots and lots of little and big things need to get updated. As usual we're not allowed to give you dates but let me just say that the version of Evernote we're using and testing every day within Evernote the company looks a lot like a certain screenshot :-).

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Markus, looking cool is great, but improving readability is greater, even awesome, I'd say.


How about improving readability in your new UI design, like improving the contrast in text.

PLEASE don't use low contrast text, and please use sans serif font rather than serif font.  

Verdana is a great choice for readability, especially if you must use a small font size (which I would really prefer that you don't use).


A good designer can make things look cool, add transparency.

But it takes a great designer to produce a cool look, AND still be very readable.

Are you guys up to this challenge???

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