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...GTD - afterthebook - Master David Allen's GTD w EN - thoughts?

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has anyone seen or used Matt Martin's - AfterTheBook - Master David Allen's GTD with Evernote


Matt Martin has a wonderful youtube series how to use Evernote with GTD - in fact of all the videos i've watched - i find his the most helpful


his web site offers his book http://www.afterthebook.com/master-david-allens-gtd-with-evernote/

at $19.96, it seems a little steep - especially because i am a full time student and both of my daughters are college freshwomen.


In contrast - David Allen's book sells on amazon for $8,88

Daniel Gold's highly regarded eBook is $5

David Allen's guide to setting up GTD is $10


Has anyone had an opportunity to see it - work with it?

do you feel that it is a substantial add-on to his fantastic videos?


i am very grateful for Matt's videos - and would of course like to repay his kindness

but...i'm careful.


thank all of you for your help.


enjoy your weekend




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