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Shared Notebook Icon Not Visible/Missing





I recently hit the unexpected 250 synchronized notebook limit so I have been re-organizing my structure and strategy and combining notebooks into bigger categories. Unfortunately, many of these notebooks are shared, some with employees, some with clients, and I need to make sure I am not moving private notes into public notebooks but suddenly the little people icon than indicates when a notebook is being shared is not showing up on my notebooks -



In the image below, the "Eberle Contract" notebook is shared with an employee but no icon is visible. If I click on the forward icon, I can see the notebook is indeed being shared. This happens in both list and grid view.


I've checked for updates and rebooted - am I missing something? Any suggestions?


I'm using evernote 5.7.0 on a mac running 10.10 Yosemite. 



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If I move the notebook into a different stack, then back to it's original location, click the forward icon and dismiss the permissions pane without changing anything, the shared icon pops back up.


This process does not work unless I move the notebook out of it's existing stack. I can move it immediately back to it's original stack - very odd.

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