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Scanning directly into Evernote with a Canon Scanner


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I currently have a Canon DR-3010C scanner, which I love (automatic 2-sided scanning in color, grayscale, etc.). I would love to be able to scan directly into Evernote, but I don't see any options for that...am I missing something or is that function reserved strictly for the Evernote scanner?





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You should be able to setup the same folder to be both the Scanner Output folder and the Evernote Import folder.

But I don't recommend it.   ;)


Since the file name becomes the Note Title, I prefer to output all my scans to a holding folder, rename the files to be descriptive of the file contents (and maybe include the source document date).  Then, when I'm done with my scanning for the time, move (drag-and-drop) all of the scanned files from the holding folder to the EN Import folder.


I also recommend that you OCR the scanned file before importing into Evernote.


I have also seen some reports of Evernote trying to grab/import the file before the scanner has finished.

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Actually, I have come up with "a" solution, but it's not really what I was looking for. I can scan into Evernote from the Canon software using the "Send to applicaiton" function, as opposed to just saving to a folder.


What I would love to see is a scan function from within Evernote. Developers??



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