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Evernote for Mac 5.7 released



Today we've released Evernote for Mac v5.7.  Here are the official release notes.


Premium feature: Context

  • Context displays notes, articles, and people related to what you’re working on
  • View related articles from The Wall Street Journal and other sources and related people from LinkedIn and your business

Presentation Mode has been improved with a fresh look and new features

  • Use the layout panel to navigate your presentation and add dividers
  • Images are now presented from screen-edge to screen-edge
  • Beautifully styled tables make your information stand out

Other improvements:

  • Send messages to share notes and discuss things you’re working on without leaving Evernote
  • Bug and stability fixes


This is a big release for us and if you've been wondering why we haven't fixed some issues it's because we've been working on 5.7.   In the bucket of how amazing technology is...Jackoliscious pushed out the release from an airplane at 30,000 feet.  Pretty crazy stuff.


You can get the build here:  http://bit.ly/1udeY7G


We plan on submitting a release to the Mac App Store soon to get everyone caught up.  It's coming but I can't give specific dates.  


Please reply to this post with any specific 5.7 issues.  I'll be monitoring this thread pretty closely over the weekend.   Thanks in advance for all of your feedback.

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Please folks, before we get too knotted up in the underdrawers, let's find out what "deprecated" means. It is generally not the same as "removed".


"Deprecation is an attribute applied to a computer software feature, characteristic, or practice to indicate that it should be avoided (often because it is being superseded). Beyond describing software, the term is also used for a feature, design, or practice that is permitted but no longer recommended in other areas, such as word usage, hardware design, or compliance to building codes."


From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deprecation


Basically, it is becoming apparent that we are being told not to email notes, they are making it difficult to email notes, and sometime soon they will be making it impossible to email notes.


I wonder how many people actually use Work Chat?  Really?  In real life (as opposed to within Evernote corporation)? And how many people actually use Context and find it useful? I know I'm shooting from the hip on gut feeling here, but I'd suggest that it would be a tiny proportion of Evernote users. Whereas emailing notes has been the main way of sharing a note with someone from the beginning.


As you can no doubt tell - this has got me very pissed off!  And a company that pisses off its users is one that is not listening to them. OK - I know I'm a sample size of one - but I suspect that the overall sample size who will be mightily pissed off once they realise that they can't email notes any more - once that function is "deprecated" - is a very large sample size!

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The share button above the note text has blue text, just like the reminder icon. It makes me think that I've accidentally shared or made public notes. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I think it's a bit confusing and the text ought to be dark until a note is shared.


Thank you for this feedback.  Yah, I fully understand why one might think that.  We'll give it some thought.




I update from 5.5 to 5.7 in one step, and everything was fine, no problems so far (although I have only been 1 hour using the new version).


Something I've noticed (and not mentioned in the realese notes), is that when you print a note, the format is different from before. There is so much wasted space around the entire sheet


Is there anyway to change this?


I'm glad you're upgrade went well.  I'll have the team take a look at the printing difference.

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Thanks for releasing a new version. However this version has some serious issues that I think are Applescript related on Yosemite.


After updating my Workflows that I created stopped working. I have a folder on my Desktop that will insert files in Evernote that I put there. This workflow stopped working.


The Evernote workflow for Stolz stopped working, he issues a fix that fixed things.


Scansnap Manager is no longer able to import directly into Evernote.


In the last beta's there have been reports on this. Sorry to see them in the released version.


Please look into these issues and fix them becausing this is breaking my workflow.


[update] These issues only seem to appear after using the switch account functionality. 

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Everyone might want to view The Evolution of Evernote's Story with Andrew Sinkov (EN VP of Marketing).


According to Andrew:

  • Evernote no longer views itself as a "note taking" app
  • Evernote no longer views itself as a storage provider for all your memories
  • Evernote states they have conquered and dominate the note taking market, but it is a boring market that has little impact on the world
  • They have "paused", and re-evaluated who they are, and what they want to do
  • They now see themselves as the provider of relevant information as you work/type in Evernote
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I am really sorry I updated to 5.7---the work chat functionality is not helpful, and now makes it much more difficult to email a note, which is what I do 15 times a week.


I really dont care about the how's and whys.  All I ask is that you give users the ability to enable the previous email a note functionality as in previous versions.  I have no interest in another chat service via evernote, thanks very much (and you are really late to the party I have to say).  If people want the "work chat" functionality, let them turn it on, for those who dont' let us uncheck it and get back to sharing as we had been doing previously, with the email a note functionality.



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I'm not sure Evernote has seriously considered all the use cases of their software.  Either that, or the pivot referenced above is incredibly significant.  Evernote is FAR from ubiquitous software, although it's doing quite well.  This move feels like a move toward ubiquity, but is WAY to soon.


With the current "email a note" feature - prospective evernote users get a nice little drip-advertisement at the bottom of the email.  There is no way users will spam their friends, prospective clients, etc to create evernote accounts and download / install apps just to read note content.


Would anyone use "work chat" to send notes to a prospective client, colleague, networking contact, etc?  I suppose if there was prior knowledge that person used evernote... otherwise the barrier to entry is ridiculous.


The conversation used to be: "Hi <prospective client> - see below for notes from our meeting.  It was great having a chance to sit down with you and discuss ___ ".  


Now the conversation is:  "Hi <prospective client> - I took some notes from our meeting and would love to share them with you.  To access the notes you'll need Evernote.  Do you have an account?  If so, can you let me know what email address you used to sign up?  If not, you'll just need to go to evernote.com and sign up for one, and then download and install software.  Let me know when you've gotten that far and I'll walk you through accepting my invitation to "work chat" so you can read the notes from this meeting."

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What is the roadmap for Evernote? I'm just wondering because I don't understand why some features are implemented and others are ignored.


I know the world does not revolve around my usage patterns, but I really can't understand why sharing a note by email is no longer under the share menu. I use(d) that all the time.


In the macro sense, Evernote CEO has made it clear over several years now that Evernote features are driven NOT by what the users want, but rather by what the Evernote employees want.  As I have observed, it seems to me that it really comes down to what the CEO Phil Libin wants.  He really doesn't seem to care all that much about what his customers/users want.


Having said that, I do want to acknowledge that Evernote/Jack has stated that they will reverse their decision to disallow access to local files.  So, it's not clear cut.


Evernote, or I should say CEO Phil Libin, thinks he (and therefore Evernote) always knows best.  He does NOT want to give his customers/users choices, he wants to dictate how they should use Evernote.


Here's a very recent quote from CEO Phil Libin:


Libin says this doesn't mean over-complicating Evernote or hitting users with a barrage of options and features – quite the opposite, in fact.

"We used to put function first, but now we put experience first. It took us years to figure this out, though!" he says.
"When you're in a design session, if the answer is 'make that configurable, put in a preference for this', that's almost always not the right answer. It's the lazy way out: you're leaving it up to the user to do the work of figuring things out."


IOW, he does NOT want to give us choices.  He wants to dictate his way of thinking.

IMO, this is ludicrous approach for an app that has more than 100M users.

There is NO WAY one size fits all.

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