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Search Notes tool enhancement idea

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Find/Search tool enhancement/idea

Using the “Search notes” tool on top right hand corner can be enhanced and more user friendly.
For example:
When searching text, an added option/popup button should appear "Next" to click and hop to the next "found text" within that note or/and jump to the next note. The "Search notes" should also display the total number of found text in that string.
Example: Searching the word "weather" should display the number 2 (as this is the total the word in this note is found) and then also example "15 found TOTAL" of ALL notes.
The "Next" button in the "Search notes" tool will be a major improvement. Almost the same as MS Excel Find option displayed below:
Ctrl+f Display the Find and Replace dialog box (with Find selected).
and the following "Shortcut Command" which is what Im trying to describe.
Shift+F4 Repeat last find.
Hope the above makes sense. Please email me if I need to elaborate more.
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