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Strange automatic scrolling in the Notebooks sidebar

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EverNote suddenly developed the annoying habit of tracking the cursor and automatically scrolling
the list of notebooks, even when the cursor is nowhere near that particular sidebar--and even when
it is not in the application at all!


There hasn't been an update, as far as I know. And restarting EverNote didn't fix it.
Do I need to restart the entire computer?
Is there some other solution?

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You sound as though restarting the computer isn't something you do very often,  though it's Tech Support 101.  If in doubt,  restart.


If that doesn't work can you give us a bit more background like what OS you're working with?

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It may be "Tech Support 101", but I have dozens of windows open as part of my work, 
and it's a pain to reopen them all.


The OS is Windows 7. I like to check before restarting. Maybe there was an

auto-scroll option that got clicked accidentally. Turning it off would then solve

the problem, where an inconvenient restart would not.


I sincerely hope that my working style isn't too annoying.

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There is no "auto-scroll" option in Evernote. Maybe there is in Windows, or in your mouse driver software -- that'd be up to you to solve. I use Win 7 as well, on multiple machines, and I've never seen this with Evernote.


Your working style is not a problem to anyone. Gazumped is a user just like you. He made a suggestion, trying to help you out with your problem. It's your choice if you don't want to take it. For that matter, I don't like restarting my computer all that often, but sometimes that's the correct answer anyways. 

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Yup - sorry if I upset you ('specially since I didn't actually mean to at the time);  that was just a statement of fact.  If a fix is not obvious,  just reset the whole system with a cold reboot.  One thing that does occur to me - if I click the centre button on my mouse,  the screen scrolls up or down,  depending on where the cursor is relative to the point I clicked.  The fix for that is:  centre-click again to switch it off.  But that's system related and nothing to do with Evernote.  Good luck with your scrolling..

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I'm resurrecting this thread as this started happening on my Windows 10 machine. I have two screens and when I'm working in another app, on another screen, I can see Evernote's left notebook list scrolling up and down occasionally, fairly slowly, all on its own.


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Is just me, or is there an incredible amount of snippiness in the responses posted here?

Anyway, a while back I did find that automatic scrolling behavior was indeed a property of the
mouse software. Still see it in the browser, every once in a while.

It seems to be caused by some combination of keystrokes I've clicked accidentally.
A simple click in the auto-scrolling windows fixes it.

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21 minutes ago, eric_treelight said:

Is just me, or is there an incredible amount of snippiness in the responses posted here?


On 11/3/2014 at 2:43 PM, eric_treelight said:

Thanks, Gazumped. I admit to being overly-peevish.



22 minutes ago, eric_treelight said:

Anyway, a while back I did find that automatic scrolling behavior was indeed a property of the
mouse software. Still see it in the browser, every once in a while.

This is good to know.

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Hi, I am having the same scrolling problem - it started very recently - no, I have not installed anything since the problem has arisen

I use evernote in my browser (Mozilla) and use Win 8.1,
I have never had this problem & I have been using evernote for some 4 yrears now
I have closed and reopened evernote, & restarted the PC,
It does not happen in anyother tabs

Has anybody found anything actionable that could be utilised other then telling me that you have never experienced this before😀

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. A little clarification on using them. This is a 5-year-old thread (with a 2-year-old post as the most recent response) in the Windows desktop program forum. There's a forum for the Web client here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/235-web-client/. Search around there and see if the issue has already been reported, and if not you can post your report there. Hope you get it resolved!

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By trial and error I finally found a fix for this annoyance in my situation.  I found the constant scrolling to be slowly driving me nuts! I tried different views but I could not adjust.  I simply did not want to leave the convenience of the left panel view because I heavily rely on it.

I'm using surface pro 3 and windows 10 with the desktop client

This constant scrolling started recently and I finally pin-pointed that it happens after I use the vertical scroll bar in the left panel and then somehow accidentally happen to leave my cursor in one of two places:

1.on the white bar at the bottom of the left panel that gives the note count

2. on the black bar at the top of the left panel 

, next to the New Note + button

Now that I know this, I can stop the annoying scrolling by clicking on any note and watching where I leave the cursor.   

I hope this might help somebody else from going nuts!  😄

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