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Note Linking - Opening in Browser

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Hello there -

I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out why when I link notes on my desktop, then click on the link, it opens the link in a new window within my web browser? This is very annoying, as I'm using it for a task list, and my tasks keep opening in a new web browser rather than inherently on the desktop.


Thank you!


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Hi.  In Windows,  Where you see 'copy note link' use Ctrl-Rightclick to get an evernote:// link rather than a web link.  On a Mac press the Alt key while opening the context menu with a right mouse button down. The context menu entry then changes to something like "Copy traditional note link".

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Are you using Windows/ Mac?


On Windows: when you right click on a note in the note list there are 2 options for copying a link:

  • If you >Copy Note Link... it will give you an internal link to paste into a note (which will open within the Evernote client)
    • If you right click on that link and edit it, you should see an embedded link starting with: evernote:///view... (just check and see...)
  • If you >Share >Copy Note URL to clipboard... that  gives you a public note link (which will open in a browser)

If all else fails, select a couple of notes and "Creat Table of Contents Note". This should give you a list of "internal" note links for the notes selected.

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