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How to disable remember password in osx Yosemite

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Yesterday I updated to OSX Yosemite and updated Evernote to 5.6.2. And now I can't disable the auto login function anymore... I don't want Evernote to automatically sign in when starting the program. It should ask for my Evernote password, like it has always done.


I'm probably missing something here. Anyone knows where to look to get this option back?

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I've never seen such an option, and that is in about 4 years of Evernote use on my Mac. 


The best option, if you are concerned about security, is to password secure your computer user account, and create a separate user account for other regular users of your computer (or a guest account for infrequent guest use). That not only limits access to the Evernote application, but the data that it stores on your hard drive and is accessible ​regardless of whether you are logged into the Evernote application or not. In addition to Evernote, this would also secure all of your email client's local data (if you use a desktop email client like Mail or Outlook), which is also accessible to anyone logged into your computer user account. 


While I agree perhaps some option to require a password to access the Evernote desktop application might be nice, it wouldn't offer a whole lot of security other than for the most basic or innocent accidental snooping. 

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Please have a look at this image: http://keithjamesdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Evernote-Log-In-Screenshot.jpg


In my current state of software (osx Yosemite & Evernote 5.6.2) I'm missing that 'Stay logged in' option 



I know that notes are stored on my computer and that anyone that's on my computer while logged in in my account, can fairly easy get to my stored EN-notes. But that's not the level of expertise of my colleagues have and I would really like to prevent that they can access my notes just by opening Evernote.  

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I'm not sure what you are trying to demonstrate with that screenshot. There has never been, to my knowledge, a "stay logged in" option because that is the default (and also, the only) choice. Just like your desktop email client, it is implied that you will remain logged in after the application closes. 


That being said I think that password protection of Evernote is a valid feature request. I'm not sure we'll ever see it, but I can definitely understand the desire for it. In addition to that, I think, as has been discussed at great, great, great length on these forums, per-notebook passwords (along with zero knowledge encryption at the notebook/account level) would be immensely useful. 


In the meantime, the extra security of having individual, password protected computer user accounts is a reasonably easy thing to configure, I'm not sure why you wouldn't do it for the myriad other benefits, even if it is overkill for the single reason you need it. 

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I have been loggin in to the OSX Evernote app every single day for the last 5 years. The screenshot is something I just googled to proove I'm not crazy.


Even better, my other OSX-machine still has Evernote 5.5.1 and guess what? There's the option 'Stay logged in' at the sign in screen when you open Evernote.


Please, I'm a power user and know the options, pro's and con's programs and OSX-configurations have. I'm also user experience designer and keen to configure things the easiest way for end users. With that in mind, my particular use case is that I don't want colleagues, who know my computer password to access my mail and such, also have access to Evernote. And since it always has been a feature, I'm asking where it has gone and if it can please come back.

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I share Jamesy's frustration. I'm also a designer working with colleagues that have access to my computer, and relied on this option to automatically log me out when I quit Evernote at the end of each day.

And yes, ScottLougheed's suggestion about setting up a separate password protected user account is something I know I should probably do. I could also add the extra step of manually logging out befire I quit the program.

But that's not the point, this feature aleady existed (at least in my Mac App Store version), and removing it seems completely unneccesary. Please bring it back!

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Although some people here seem to imply that automatic sign-in was always the only option, this is blatantly false. I have been using evernote for four years, and on my work laptop, I have always kept the app with "Stay logged in" option unchecked, and every single time I would start up the app, I would be required to enter my evernote password. This is no longer the case. The "Stay logged in" option is no longer there and my password gets automatically saved to my keychain. I have tried deleting the keychain entries, to no avail, as soon as I log back  in to evernote, evernote stores the username/password in the keychain without asking. This is a problem, I store sensitive data in evernote and although I have disabled automatic login on the mac and set a password for the screen saver, I still prefer to secure my evernote with a password every time i open it. Please fix this evernote! My premium account allows me to set a passcode for my IOS apps, I need this on my mac too!

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This is the state of things today too! I need Evernote to bring back that login overtime I quit the app on my Mac. I don't want to stay logged in. It IS a privacy issue that was fine before.

Please Evernote - have that option for Logging In everytime we launch the app!!

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On February 1, 2016 at 10:34 PM, PurpleFugue said:

Please Evernote - have that option for Logging In everytime we launch the app!!

I'm not sure why you're posting again here - the issue has been discussed.

If you want to submit a request, open a request thread in the Product Feedback forum and it can be voted on

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