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insufficient memory after pictures have been deleted

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Hi! I'm currently on a round the world trip and keep my diary up to date using Evernote, which i really love using!

In order to free some space in my smartphone (which i use as a camera and to keep my notes up to date), i moved all my pictures/videos (most of them are also in my notes) to an external memory..

The thing is that since then my Evernote doesn't sync the new notes anymore, but uploads the older ones since the option 'offline' was enabled! Which resulted in insufficient memory again!

I just disabled the offline-option, but what should i do next? My SD card is full, i can't sync anymore and I'm really really scared to lose all this precious data if by mistake i delete something wrong (20 notes with pictures still in internal memory phone didn't sync yet).. What should i do next?

All the uploaded files are stored under sdcard/android/data/com.evernote/files/user-xxxxxxx/...

The file extensions that take some much memory space have the extension .tft and .recodata

Can i erase those very big files since they are (i think) already in the cloud? I really don't want to lose the 20 unsynced notes..

Than you very much for your help, this would save such great memories!

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I don't know what .tft files are, but it's a safe bet that .recodata is image recognition text from OCR on your images. Even so, I don't know how safe it is to delete them.


I don't know what you mean by "I moved all my pictures/videos to an external memory card". Does that mean your note database? Or just the images and videos? Can Evernote still find them?


If you want to clear space used up by once-offline notes, you can always clear your cache. This should remove notes from the offline cache, hopefully leaving unsynced notes alone, though.


But before you erase anything, or mark any notebooks as offline, be sure that your notes are intact using the web client.

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@dylanvhb:  I think the first thing I would do is to figure out some way to preserve/archive all of the photos you have taken on your phone.  Do NOT rely on Evernote for this.  Upload to a reliable service like Flickr or Dropbox, or copy your SD Card to a USB drive.

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Hi.  Evernote is not the ideal place for your pictures,  your phone even less so.  Do you have access to wifi at any stage?  If so,  you could consider saving your pictures to Dropbox via Camera Upload,  which is an automatic backup system.  There are some details here (you need a free Dropbox account) ..https://www.dropbox.com/help/307


Check your phone's Gallery to see if your pictures are still there - if so,  save them to Dropbox and then delete them from your gallery.  Once you have a little spare space your notes should sync - if not,  try moving the pictures from notes back into the gallery until they do...

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