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Evernote 6.0.2 (for Android) "Thumbnails"

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I use Evernote for organizing recipes (Android devices and PC). The majority of my recipes contain a picture. Previous versions of Evernote (5.8.5 for example) display thumbnails of the pictures along with the note title (recipe title) when sorted by tags, alphabetically, etc. Evernote 6.0.2 does not show these thumbnails.


Is there a setting I can change to show thumbnails? I can see thumbnails on my Galaxy S4 (which still has 5.8.5) however I cannot see these thumbnails on Nexus 7 (which has  6.0.2).


If there is not a setting, how can I get 5.8.5 back on my Nexus 7? Do I just need to find/copy the .apk?





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They changed the note list display so that different things are displayed according to the sort settings. For example, you see thumbnails if you sort by Recently Updated or Date Created, but not with the other sort criteria (Note title, Notebook, or Place).

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