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No Homescreen App Icon On Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

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Hello everyone.  I have both a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet.  On my phone everything is working great with Evernote.  I can Launch Evernote from the list of installed Apps, and also add the Evernote icon to a homescreen, add a widget, etc...  However, my problem is that on the Note tablet I can not do any of this.  No matter what I do there seems to be no way to add the Evernote icon to a homescreen or launch Evernote from the list of installed apps since it's not showing up in the list.  I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, etc... nothing works.


The problem seems to be tied to the fact that Evernote comes preinstalled on this tablet, so the stock launcher is treating it differently.  (That's just my best guess).  For example, no matter what I do or try, the Evernote icon NEVER shows up in the list of installed or downloaded Apps even though the app is installed.  For example, when I go to the Google Play store it shows the app as installed and I can thus open Evernote that way.


Here's a few more details.  On my 2014 edition Note tablet, there is a "Galaxy Apps" icon which opens up a similar app like Google Play or the Amazon App store apps.  When I open up that Galaxy Apps icon, then I can eventually find the Evernote app icon buried a few pages deep and then launch the app.  Even then it's not really the app icon because I can't long press on it and add it to the desktop.  It's just the info page for the app with the options to uninstall updates or launch the app.


So, on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 edition tablets is this the only way to launch the Evernote app - by going first to one of the Play store's then launching the app?  That's crazy unless I'm missing something.  Any ideas as to why Evernote does not show up in the normal list of installed Apps?




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I'd suggest a support request to your carrier,  or to Samsung direct - if Evernote is supposed to be pre-installed you should be able to launch it and log in.  If you can't that's a problem with the factory set-up rather than Evernote - and the only advice is going to be to uninstall and reinstall.  If you find Evernote in the Play store,  can you select your tablet as the device on which to install it?

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Thank you gazumped for the good suggestions.  I'll follow through with asking Samsung.


Just to be clear...  I can launch Evernote once I open either Google Play app store or the comparable Samsung store, then search for Evernote, then select the app info page, then select "open".  What I can not find a way to do is add an Evernote icon to a home screen so I can launch Evernote with one press.


If I get a reply I'll update here with any results.


Thanks again,


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Update.  I just got done with Samsung Live support. They took control of my tablet for about 1 hr.  They tried everything I had already tried to no avail.  At the end they said that it's the unique version of Evernote that comes pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.  This pre-installed version only provides the ability to create a shortcut widget to a specific note, etc.., not an app shortcut to the main Evernote app.  That's why Evernote does not show up in the list of Apps.


They could not fix that unique discrepancy.


All-in-all, it's not that big of a problem.  I'm not going to pursue it any more.

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One final update and the solution!  I had a support ticket opened with Evernote and they just got back with me.


The solution is that on this tablet there is a unique folder under the Apps list.  The folder is named "Galaxy Plus."  Within that Galaxy Plus folder are several apps that come pre-installed on this tablet.  So the icon for Evernote is there, hidden within the Galaxy Plus folder. 


Ughhhh... why do companies have to create a fancy new way to do things.  LOL So, this makes this problem "resolved" if a mod wants to mark this thread as such.


Thanks again for your help gazumped.

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