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Which document scanner?


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Hello. I'm trying to get rid of all the papers in my house. To make things easier, I want to buy a scanner to import every letter, receipt and note I got laying around. 


I'd like to have a device that can scan a receipt or A4 paper, both sides at once and using OCR. I also want it to connect to wifi and send the scan directly to Evernote, without using external devices. 


I don't want to spend more than $400 for it. Is this possible? I've been looking at reviews for hours but I can't figure out if they can do what I described above. 


The on I'm currently thinking of is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i, but I'm not sure if it can scan to evernote without a computer in between. 

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It's all very well dumping every document in your house into a database in the shortest possible time,  but how do you expect to find them again?  A scanner typically will give you a standard scandate yyyymmddhhss-0000001 filename,  and although you (or Evernote) can OCR the document once scanned - and if you're a free account user,  you're better off doing that yourself - will you be able to find that note you had 6 months ago about gardening when you can't think of a single unique word to identify it? 


I find it far better to scan documents to a folder on my hard drive,  rename the file to something useful like <date(of the document)><type - letter/ receipt etc><keywords> and then move it to Evernote so when I get a list of 100 hits to a search I can scan down the titles and clearly see the one marked "gardening".


So please don't exclude scanners that are linked to computers...

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My ideal forkflow is:


1. digitize the paper as quickly as possible 

2. it arrives in Evernote in a notebook called 'inbox'

3. when I have time, I look at each item in the inbox, add search context and move it to a notebook called 'Archive'


I don't want to create any obstacle for digitizing the papers, otherwise I might put it off, because I don't feel like reading and categorizing everything.. The next thing you know you have a "to scan" pile, which I don't want. 


So when I come home, I want to put all my new mail into the scanner, press a button and forget about it until I have time to log into my computer. 

I want the scanner to be a stand alone unit so I don't have any driver or connection issues, just scan straight to evernote using wifi. 

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First off, there has to be a computer residing someplace in the loop with a scanner, wireless, usb or whatever connected.  Fujitus's ScanSanp app brings up a destination menu that allows you to add as attachments to a new Evernote note or as a new note with the image in the body.  I have a default notebook in Evernote called Collection Bx where everything lands to be categorized and tagged later.


For restaurant receipts, etc use the Evernote page camera app to get the image directly into EN.


Whatever you do, use Tags religiously for finding / sorting later.

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I had an HP Deskjet 1510 All in One printer with which I could print, scan and take xerox. That was pretty handy for me as i had to take lots of prints and had to scan documents for my project. Also my father loved to sit and scan all the old photos. In our office though we use document imaging service for scanning a document as there are loads of papers that need to be scanned. or household purposes the deskjet will be a good choice.

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Hi.  A stand-alone can give you 300-1200 DPI resolution and 'perfect' copies.  A smartphone camera - even 8MP or greater - is probably not going to match that.  A phone is super convenient and works for quick scans,  and a (sheet-fed) stand-alone can muscle its way through 1,000 sheets without breaking your wrist.  Use what works for you...

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in addition, ocr may not work on large image files or pdfs with large images in them (check with evernote). a stand alone scanner is a huge benefit if you go paperless. i've got two epsons and a scansnap sv600 (scans from above). paper doesn't stick around long in my life. and, it's all filed away, searchable, and available anywhere i go.

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