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Appalling usability of scrollbar on a laptop


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Arrow buttons for up and down movement are essential for fine control of the scrollbar when using any programme on a laptop. It's impossible to achieve fine movements of the scroolbar while using a touchpad if these arrow buttons are not provided. Please tell whoever is responsible for the interface design that as a result of the absence of this feature the usability of Evernote on a laptop is appalling - if in doubt they should check it out themselves comparing how the programme is scrolled when accessed with a mouse, a touchpad or an onscreen swipe. It should be clear that the interface will necessariily be different when used with a touchpad.


I have posted on this forum once before on this topic - indeed it is the only reason I have ever sought out this forum. You'll note that in this forum the scrollbar has a small up and down arrow at each end of the scrollbar - why on earth would the designers of the Evernote programme think it should be any different...

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I cannot agree more.  I use Evernote daily, on both a workstation and a laptop... and trying to control the scrollbar via my laptop's touchpad frequently results in emotions somewhere between annoying and infuriating.  Heck, only reason I'm posting this (it's my first time in this forum) is that this page was the first result of my Google search, "evernote scrollbar laptop impossible".

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