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Laptop stolen: how to get my notes back

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here's what happened: my laptop was stolen and found in 2 hours. (I was lucky, the stupid kids stole someone's iPhone as well, and it had Prey on.)

The thieves tried to erase stuff from my MacBook. They were really lame, and this was probably the first time they opened a Mac.

Evernote was the only application open. Guess they thought the Evernote notes were my files or something (???) because they started to delete them one by one. They erased the last 1,5 years. The laptop was offline during this.


I got the laptop back. As it was offline, and they only erased notes from the Mac app, I still have them online. But how do I get them back?

Now I switched off Evernote and use it from the browser. But what next? The first time I launch it, it will sync and erase things from the cloud as well?


How do I prevent this?

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(1) Back up your entire drive using Time Machine (always recommended, but especially before doing anything irreversible).

(2) Check the trash in Evernote. Your notes might still be there.

(3) Follow the instructions here. Make sure before doing it that your account on the Web really does have these notes.


(4) Turn on the Internet and sync

(5) Start protecting your computer :)


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