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(Archived) A few suggestions for more quota without more cost

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I've already suggested to count the quota for yearly subscriptions not by month but by year.

Depending on what the limiting factor on your servers is, I just want to suggest a few strategies, how you could give Pro users a higher quota limit without costing you (much) money:

If horsepower for OCR is the limiting factor: Give Pro users the ability to define a notebook as "low priority" or just generate a default notebook called "low priority" in any Pro account. Notes uploaded from this notebook get OCRed only, when your system is idle, even after the free accounts. Would be good for notes, I definitely don't touch before the end of this month or even end of this year, like stuff I need for my tax declaration i.e. Definitely don't need the prioritized OCR speed of the Pro account for these notes at the time I scan them in.

If bandwidth is the limiting factor: Same setup with a "low priority" notebook. Everything from this notebook is uploaded at reduced speed depending on your actual server load. Again good for notes I don't have to access immediately.

Uploads from this "low priority" notebook doesn't count at full rate, just half or 10% or nothing at all - whatever you find to be an appropriate value.

If hard-disk space is the limiting factor: Give Pro users back some quota, if they delete notes or transfer notes to local notebooks. Would motivate people to think about deleting old rubbish. With the current model, many tend to leave all stuff ever uploaded on your server, because they have no benefit, when deleting it. On the other hand it would cost precious upload quota in case they probably need any of this rubbish again in the Evernote cloud.


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I ditto all of these suggestions. There is a lot of stuff that I don't need indexed immediately. I certainly wouldn't mind lowering the priority of certain notes or notebooks. As a premium user, I don't mind being a "good citizen" in favor of others who may have a more pressing need. The index priority isn't why I purchased it anyway.

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