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Ordering of reminders does not work properly


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In the main notes view (select "Notes" on the left hand side) the notes with reminders appear at the top. There is no option to order them by reminder-time. The order can be set by dragging notes up and down individually, which is what I try to do. But dragging notes to a position in the list does not work properly. You have to drag twice or three times, and the action changes the position of other notes in the list. It is very frustrating with a list of more than 10 or 11 items. Something is going wrong with the index position in the list. Needs to be fixed.

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You certain can sort reminders by reminder time. In a reminder sub-list, click on the gear icon a the top-right. Select "Sort reminders by date".


I haven't played around with the manual ordering of the reminders, but you're implicitly manipulating a note field called "reminderOrder". You can refer to this bit of developer documentation for more info: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/reminders.php. I did notice a couple of glitches in terms of dragging and drop location sometimes not taking; I'm wondering whether it's related to the note lock retrieval needed to edit the note (the blue  progress line across the top of the note header).

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Thank you Jefito. You are right on both counts. I still have a use for the manual way because then it is still organised per-notebook instead of in one long list. There is a significant glitch with using drag-and-drop to change the reminderOrder.

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