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(Archived) Manual Geotag - Suggested Feature

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When I'm at my office, I sometimes think of things to add to Evernote that would have greater value if they had geo information associated. From the desktop or web client, it would be very helpful if you provided a "add geo tag" option. A map could result, where you would then navigate to the location containing the coordinates you would like to apply.



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Thanks for the suggestion. You're right that this would really require a zoomable word map to be usable (manually entering latitude & longitude is unrealistic). We don't currently have such a thing in the clients, but are interested in improving geotagging in the future.

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We [...] are interested in improving geotagging in the future.

me too :-)

The new Snow Leopard OS introduced a radiolocation service feature to "know" where the MAC is located (latitude/longitude). you could insert that information automaticly to a note, which is created on a mac. very useful.

of course, i do not know, if this provided information will be simple to capture, or is valid :)

you can find it in the system settings under security. here (german language OS) it is called "ortungsdienste"

http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09 ... tools.html


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The ability to create a list of GeoTag "tags" by clicking a button like "create GeoTag with current location" would also be AWESOME. We could then associate a name with those tags like "Location: Work" or "Location: Grocery Store". Then associate those with a to-do list by name, not by long and lat. The long and lat would be meta data for the tag. It would be a relatively simple enhancement that would add a powerful additional proactive aspect to Evernote.

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