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SOLVED: All notes not appearing

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Hey guys.

So my laptop broke and I've recently needed to access Evernote, but all notes and files aren't appearing on my user on my phone or the web version. I'm making a backup of the AppData folder of Evernote, which should be ok, but I don't see why it's disappeared.



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I'm pretty sure. I'm checking my alternate user and similar results.

Now I have no idea if it's even up. I downloaded the phone app and I'm not seeing any of my data on this account.

If it's my other email, it's missing >99% of its files

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Highly unusual for notes to disappear.  That being said, only advice I can give is to check the web version for all accounts that you have.  If the notes are missing there, it is beyond anything I can assist with in this user forum.  If you are a premium customer you could chat with support or submit a ticket.

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Jeez that was worrying.

Thanks very much guys. I found the problem.


So it was my other email, except Evernote on this computer didn't update with my new notes and only showed ones from 3 years ago (when I used this computer). I was going to wait to download it on my phone and check on there, but I just did with the web Evernote. Turns out my notes are still there :)

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