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Evernote Forgets "View as Attachment" Setting

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I am starting to try to use Evernote heavily for meeting preparation. I'd like to include all of the documents I am preparing for the presentation in Evernote. However, when I right-click on the attachment in Evernote and set it to "View as Attachment", sometimes it will revert to being displayed inline when I open Evernote the next time. It doesn't seem to be for all attachments, and I can't figure out what I do to make this happen.


Is there any setting to force all attachments to always display as attachments instead of inline? Without it working as expected Evernote becomes less usable for me.


I am on Evernote for Mac, 5.6.2; on Yosemite.

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This could qualify as a bug - View As Attachment is supposed to be a 'sticky' setting - that note should continue showing attachments only until you change the setting.  When you open the note again do you find the setting has reverted to show the file contents,  and you have to re-select that option,  or is it still selected even though the contents are displayed?


I'd suggest you raise a support ticket for this,  though you won't hear much for a while if you're a free user.

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I have a solution, switch to Notion, it looks ten times better, completely customizable, tons of cool features, the ONLY thing it does not do is scan PDF's. If you need to scan PDF content, you're stuck with Evernote, but Notion is working on this feature.

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32 minutes ago, Mike Vila said:

If you need to scan PDF content, you're stuck with Evernote

What is this "scan PDF content"

I use Evernote's Scannable app to scan documents to a PDF file using my iPad's camera

The pdf is stored in Evernote as a note attachment, and content is indexed for Evernote's search feature.

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