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What is EvernoteNW.exe?


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Just noticed that files copied to my import folder weren't being imported - Windows client. Checked task manager and there are 3 instances of EvernoteNW.exe running. Don't recall seeing that before. Going to start troubleshooting, but is anyone familiar with this problem or file?

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If I recall correctly, this is related to Presentation mode?

I'll try and dig up the thread.



Import issue: Have you tried deleting the import folder setup in Evernote and recreating it?

Bear in mind that it may try and import all of the files at once when you do if there are some in the folder. Can't exactly recall the behaviour.

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Ahh. that sort of makes sense. I tried presentation mode for the first time yesterday. Interesting, but don't know why it would have left 3 processes behind. 


Had to close down EN,restart, make a sandwich and eat it while it restarted, then the import folder started working again. Files put in there while it wasn't working didn't come across, so if this happens while you're not paying attention, you won't know what you don't have.

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Hi dbvirago,


The EvernoteNW.exe processes are used for the annotation and presentation mode features -- it uses multiple processes in the same way that the Chrome browser uses multiple processes -- they are all part of the same feature set. They won't show up until you use image/PDF annotation or presentation mode.


Let me know if you need more info.

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