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using the share feature in OS X Yosemite


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Evernote has not stated publicly whether they intend to create a share extension for Yosemite, and the do not appear to have created yet. If they do create one, only at that time will the option to include Evernote in the share menu become available. 


You'll see in the list there that all of the options currently available to you are apple applications/services (airdrop, messages), or services apple has baked in (flickr, Facebook). There are only a few third-party sharing extensions I have seen. For example, I use Wunderlist, and it has a share extension (screenshot below):



We'll have to wait and see if Evernote chooses to create an extension. 

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thanks  for you reply. Hopefully Evernote will pay attention. Would make it so much easier than drag and  drop, copy / paste, etc.  What  would you say is the quickest and easiest way to get a file , like a  jpeg, into evernote  with out having to changes apps?

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Today we released Evernote for Mac 6.0.6 Beta 1 which includes a lot of great fixes.

We have also added some new features.

  • Yosemite Share Extension - Share web pages or images to Evernote when using the Yosemite Share menu that appears in Safari and the Finder.
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