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cannot upgrade evernote existing installation (5.0.2)


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I have an old installation of evernote (version 5.0.2).

When I try to install a new version of evernote, I get an error message that a file named evernote.msi for version 5.0.2 is not available.

I do not have such a file on my PC (probably got deleted at some point in time) and now I cannot upgrade my existing evernote version.

I cannot event uninstall the current version since it asks for the same file.


Please help.


Thanks, Amit

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If you search the forums for Evernote.msi there are a number of hits - try these for possible solutions.

  • Check the folder below for an Evernote installation EXE file.  This will refresh the installation of the current version of Evernote and repair/ recreate the MSI file.  Updates should then work normally.  C:\Users\Your Folder\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate
  • Download the latest standard installer from the link below and retry updating -https://evernote.com/download/
  • Download the free version of REVO Uninstaller and check whether it can recognise and uninstall the current Evernote installation.
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