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Unable to open Evernote Web



Hello all.

I am using Evernote from a few days back. I am using it on Web and Android as well.

Now, though everything is OK on Androis, I am unable to open EN on web. After logging in, I get redirected to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action which always remain blank.

I am using FF latest version, with various addons installed. But, I checked it on fresh Chromium and the result was same. SO, I don't think its browser issue. Also, I am on Ubuntu 14.04, if that matters. I have opened the site earlier and worked on it. But, problem begins, when I cleaned up my FF and system as a routine clean up.

I have connected feedly through it, and its working fine. I know I am logged in to EN, but it ain't loading.

Anyone else facing that?

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That should be your Evernote web account opening up in front of you - what's your internet connection speed like?  Have you left the blank page for long to see if it populates?  Any chance your firewall is blocking downloads?  There's a lot of information on that page...

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Thanks for reply gazumped.
My internet speed is ok. Its not bblazing fast, but decent.
Yes, I leav the page as it is as long as I browse (and that's anywhere from 30 mns. to 3 hrs.).

I am on linux. No custom firewall is installed.

Anything/anyone else????

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In FF, you right click on the - presumably blank - page and select View Source.  This should show you the underlying html code.  In Chrome you can also right click on the page and select 'Inspect Element' to get more information about scripts that might have failed, for example.


Sorry, I'm all out of ideas with my limited knowledge...

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