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Synchronization Failure: Unable to connect to server


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This undoubtedly a duplicate post. But the search displays a popup in which the links are unclickable, and going to the displayed URL says the page doesn't exist!


I'm sync'ng from work computer just fine (Win7), but my home computer has been offline for a week (Vista). I checked for updates, restarted the computer, and ensured that IE isn't in offline mode. (Don't use it, but I checked to be sure.) I still get the message that Evernote couldn't connect to the server. 


It happened once before, a few months ago, too. Darned if I recall what the solution was. But it was something weird.

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Ah. Helpful response. Thanks for posting the references, though. I'm rebooting now with SSL 3.0 disabled (prevent POODLE attacks) and with TLS 1.0 enabled (apparently, that is what EverNote uses, and one of the Windows service packs turns it off, for some reason.) Thanks for the assist. Rebooting...

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