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Thumbnails not showing in Snippet View when sorted on Title (Android)

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Firstly, I love Evernote and have it on all my devices.  I use it at work and at home.  On Android and Windows.  Evernote rules OK.


With every update it gets better and better.  Well it did, but now I'm really disappointed.  It's still as awesome as ever on Windows, but on Android...


I'm gutted, I can no longer see thumbnails in Snippet View when sorting the notes on 'Title', they've been replaced by aaagh! tags...  Thumbnails still appear if sorted on any date-related field, but if you're like me and a little particular (read OCD), and need your list in title order with thumbnails, you're going to be disappointed too.


The view I get now when sorted in date-related order is pretty (with thumbnails), but makes my brain implode as it's in the wrong order (i.e. no real sort of order at all).  When sorted in Title order it's all all good, but did I mention the tags?? oh and the title can't fit with the tags so they're truncated and no real use at all..


Please can you advise if this is a choice, or a defect.  If it's a choice, please change your minds and if it's a defect, please fix it.


Thank you

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