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Beta Version - you almost lost me


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I am very new to Evernote.  I tried it out for a while and then gave it a rest.  Recently I decided to take another run at it.  I had forgotten a lot about how it works, and somehow the beta version got turned on.  I spent several days of frustration trying to navigate and change things to be more to my liking.  I was trying to change my default notebook and couldn't figure out what to do no matter what I clicked, tapped, or swiped. Finally, I saw an option to return to the original version.


May I say on behalf of left-brained people everywhere, please never make the beta version the only version.  I was so frustrated I almost trash-canned the app.  I know the minimalist approach is all the rage these days, but some of us need still need a little structure to keep our sanity.

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I somehow got the feeling that not only was this new Beta a change in focus for the web client... but that also it would have a polarizing effect - sort of driving people to the desktop client, whether intentional or not, (where it's always been more versatile) for the heavy lifting... and/or use the web client for basic note creation/ viewing and writing. It doesn't seem to be an environment for any kind of major reshuffling.  


Some people really depend on the web client as their sole means of access in some contexts... i.e. work computer/ linux system... so the beta version throws a spanner in the works for them - unless it gets some major "tweaks' to what we currently see.  

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