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Monthly quota not resetting.Help needed!

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Whatever your various devices show,  the only final word on how much is left of your upload limit is with your My Account page online here - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=/Settings.action


If a device is showing something higher than the server (your My Account page),  it may mean

  • the device hasn't synced properly since the quota was last updated,
  • there are a lot of items in your Trash notebook - which are allowed for by the local device,  but not by the server.
  • you have a problem
        >    with your Evernote app
        >    the content of one or more notes.

    Empty the Trash folder (desktops only).  
    Make sure you sync the device;  
if the problem still remains, 

    uninstall / reinstall Evernote
    rebuild your database.

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