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Is Windows 7 user password protection good for Evernote?


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Is it Windows 7 Ultimate user account a good protection for Evernote notes, in case that the computer is stolen, if the user haven't been logged out?
Let's say that you enter to the Evernote website and revoke access from that computer after it's stolen.
And that the thief can't figure out nor has acess to your Windows user and password.
Is it potentially insecure, for example, access through "booting" the system with a Linux Live CD, and trying to open the local Evernote stuff?

Or perhaps, if the thief creates an account with the same username as the protected one. What would happen in that case?

I'm concerned about Evernote not getting logged out automatically when I shutdown the computer.

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If you leave a hard drive in someone's hands for long enough,  most information can be extracted.  Whether or not you've logged out of the account, the files left on the hard drive contain your information,  and unless you have encrypted some or all of your notes,  a search of the database files will deliver something.  It''s possible to store the database in an encrypted partition to avoid that,  but using the desktop version of Evernote carries an inherent risk and all you can do is mitigate it.  Security has been discussed a lot in the forums - you'll have to decide what compromise you can accept between cost,  inconvenience and performance to determine how far you can effectively go.

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