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Copy to Clipboard Option, Not to a New Note


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Hello recent convert from OneNote.  Love Evernote so far, but one feature I miss from OneNote is how it copied content from the clipboard to the notebook including images  (pretty much how the Web Clipper does)... But what I miss is the ability to copy from the webpage and pasting it into an existing note I've already created.  Also liked how the original Url is included at the bottom of the pasted content.  So what I would like to see in Evernote either from the WebClipper or directly to the clipboard..


1) To the WebClipper "Copy Selection" to clipboard.  Have well-formatted content.

2) When pasting into notebook include original URL at bottom of clipped content.



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Not supported as you noticed already. But something similar is being considered. 



When using Web Clipper the URL always get saved as an attribute and displayed on the same line as 'created date' and 'updated date'. We don't display the full URL, just the host, but clicking it will take you to the source. 

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Thanks for the quick response...  I didn't notice the URL above the note.   However if #1 was implemented it probably would be best with the pasted selection as conceivably you could be pasting notes from multiple web pages.  I for instance like to do online shopping and put together a bunch of different url's and content from different websites.  This allows me to put together everything in one place and decide the best deal. I don't have to keep track of which website I copied it from if its included in the paste selection.

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This is coming far after the initial posting, but I second the request for a send-clipboard-to-Evernote function, although I would enhance it with the ability to send clipboard contents directly to a new note. Some pages, notoriously on CNN, make it difficult for Clearly to isolate the main text. See my posting here:




I use a Firefox add-on to append multiple selections of text to the clipboard as a workaround for this problem, and then have to open a new note and past the contents there. Having the function suggested here would shorten the process.

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