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Html Text not rendering correctly


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When I paste this link into Evernote some of the text is off the screen. Maybe the html is offset so it pushes it to the left...


image 005  :(




I can create a box and throw the content inside and then you see all the content.. image 007


Not the best solution.


If I format the document I lose all styles so that doesn't work either...  :(










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If you use the keyboard arrows (in my Fx 33 Clipper) to expand the selection to the full web page I get a note containing the whole page without offsets.  How are you clipping the page?  Have you tried the Snipping Tool that is part of Windows?  You should be able to draw a marker around some or all of the visible page and snip that to a JPG file.

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I tried using the arrows. Doesn't move the text once I paste it in.


The clipping tool only creates an image which isn't what I want. I need all the underlying text and links to search and click on...


Plus, the clipping took doesn't allow you to scroll down the page... :(


Thanks, Anyway...

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As best as I can figure it out, sometimes HTML has embedded style markup that causes it not to display well with other note content; HTML that's used to make something look good on a web page may not look good in a plain HTML document (it could even be faulty HTML). Basically, you're trying to clip something out of context.


On the other hand, MS Word seems to handle the same clip OK.


The interesting thing here is that the Web Clipper crashes when I try to clip. One for Jakob...

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I'm a developer so modifying the code is no biggie. On the other hand, do I want to spend time doing it - no...


My solution works and this is the only time I've come across this so until Evernote fixes it, I can live with a cell on the page... :)

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Oh, I'm a dev, too, but I peeked at the code, and I don't want to to take the time to figure it out. :)


Putting it inside a table cell is a clever solution. I missed that the first time around.

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