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Evernote in Mac OS X App store never ending updates



I'm a longtime user of Evernote on the Mac. The App Store keeps on indicating that I need to update Evernote, even though it is the current version and I just updated it (see attached screen shot). Worse yet, when I click on "Open" in the App Store, Garageband launches. I'm baffled.


I tried deleting Evernote from the Mac and restarting, and that didn't help.


Any ideas?


P.S. iMac 27 inch, 3.5 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, OS X Yosemite.


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Thanks for the pointer. I erased all traces (as far as I could tell) of the App Store version, downloaded and installed the version from the web site, but today, the App Store has a new reminder to update version 5.5.1. Is there some other file around that is signaling the App Store that I have an App Store version on my machine?

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