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Write once read many

Jim Weller

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I don't like that fact that my notes are hidden behind the new note text box in the new beta. While the beta is attractive and seems to function well, I use my notes as write once read many. I would assume this is the dominant use case where people keep things they want to remember. Maybe I'm wrong and people use it as a task list where the write once, read once, and delete.


But if I'm right, then you should be showing notebooks first instead of a new note interface. At least make it a settings option of what the start screen is.




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I have a few notes that I come back to often. I have about 10 that are permanent. Then I have probably 5 to 10 at a time that are transient.


There seems to be quite a bit of discussion regarding the "mystery" navigation like interface elements not showing, no tooltips, no notes list, hidden formatting bar, etc.


I switched back to the old interface.


I'm not normally a forum person. This was my first time even seeing the Evernote forums.  I just wanted to give some quick feedback.




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I use EN for GTD and as a filing cabinet for business and personal. EN is indeed my external brain. As such, I need to access existing notes multiple times a day. Getting to them quickly/easily and modifying/curating are what matter most to me.

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The common use case is for people to keep many notes in their account. In order to do that, you need ways to organize them so that you can access the notes you want easily. Some tools that Evernote provides:

* Tags : these are labels that you apply to notes. They can serve as categories, and you can filter your notes according to whether a specific tag is present (or multiple tags, for that matter)

* Notebooks  : notebooks partition your notes into separate boxes; every note belongs to exactly one notebook. You can easily filter on the notes that reside in a particular notebook.

* Reminders : reminders are just notes that have a reminder date set. Reminders display in a sublist above whatever list the note would normally fall in, according to the current note filters in place

* Searches : these are just note filters that are generally used to narrow down the number of notes shown in your note list. Criteria include tags, text matches, notebook, various dates (created, updated, reminder), presence of todo items, and so on.

* Saved searches : these are just searches that are persisted in the interface, along with a name that you provide

* Shortcuts : these can be a saved search, a reference to a specific note, a reference to a specific notebook, or a reference to a specific tag. Shortcuts are generally listed in an easy to access place in the UI, to make them easy to use.


If you have frequently accessed notes, then you'll need a way to find them quickly. One of the above ways should help you to do that.

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