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(Archived) Suggestion: Yearly quota for full year subscription

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Don't know, whether this has been suggested already. But there was some discussion, that even the 500 MB quota for Pro users may be too limited especially in the first months, when you start feeding a lot of papers into Evernote.

Or in my business I have many papers to archive during the holidays season (October - December), while I have very few papers in June - September.

What do you think about counting the quota for a yearly subscription not for each month but over the whole one year subscription period.

So for the current Pro account, I would not have a 500 MB limit each month, but instead have a 6 GB limit for the whole year and I can decide what amount I use each month.

I think that would give a motivation to sign up for a whole year as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We're considering various options to allow a temporary increase in usage, but want to avoid someone accidentally consuming far too much (e.g. from a runaway scanner).

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Well, you could simply interrupt the process of generating new notes and ask for confirmation via a dialog box (or even a re-login request for even more security), if the upload bandwidth is above a certain level over a given time interval.

Or you issue a warning, when I exceed my 500 MB average. So I am warned, that I've eaten into my future quota and should be careful.

Wouldn't conflict with my yearly quota suggestion.

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