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All controls disappeared leaving only the text


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I had just created a new note and had entered about half of it (maybe 25 lines) and I accidentally hit some key combination that made the controls (menus, icons, etc.) all disappear and the text scrolled up so that only the last couple lines were visible.  By cursoring up I was able to get the rest of the text to reappear.  But the controls remained missing.  The page was completely blank except for the text I was editing.


So I copied the text and pasted it into a text editor (just in case) and then refreshed the page.  The page re-displayed the regular interface with notes listed on the left, my note on the right.  Fortunately, nothing was lost.


Unfortunately, I don't know what keys I hit.  I was just typing along, could tell I mistyped, and then bam.


Running Chrome 38.0.2125.104 m on Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1 x64, 8GB ram.

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