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Problem with latest version - highlighting



After upgrading to latest version (5.6.1), I suddenly starting having an issue when I copy and paste within a note. 

About 1/2 the time when I copy a line of text from within a note, it highlights the sentence in yellow automatically so that when I paste it, the new sentence is also highlighted in yellow. I want to turn this off, but I cannot seem to do so. Any thoughts?

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It is "good" to see that I am not alone struggling with this new "feature"...

Highlighting also happens frequently when applying Bold or Italic formatting. This really slows me down using Evernote as a note-taking tool. I have contacted support several times since I started to notice this behavior immediately after upgrading to the new 5.6.0 version on my iMac, and later to 5.6.1 and 5.6.2. I have not received any feedback from support acknowledging this as a known issue, just requests for more logs, though I have sent everything of relevance.


Another big issue I have with 5.6 is that bullet list formatting has changed. There is no longer any extra white space before and after bullet lists. I have 7 years of daily log notes formatted for readability according to the previous formatting conventions. In 5.6 the notes look awful and are much harder to read. Fortunately the Web and iOS apps still render the notes correctly, so I hope the new 5.6 formatting is a bug that will be changed back at some point. 


I have concluded I have to downgrade to 5.5, which I am still using on my MacBook Air, and which is working fine for me. I appreciate the rewrite, and hope it has laid the foundation for a better tool some day. So far I have not found anything in 5.6 that I will miss when reverting to 5.5.

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Got this from Evenote on Twitter: 


@DonnieChunk This is currently a known issue and our developers are working on a fix.


Not sure how to downgrade, but it seems like a decent idea in the meantime. It's frustraintg to try to write anything of decent length with this issue. It's amazing it got through QA, it really is.

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