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TIP: How to access the Android Editing Toolbar



I've noticed several user recently ran into the some of the same confusion I did with this latest version of the Android app. The Editing Menu seems to be missing...

Fear not, it's actually still there!

First some clarification, the most recent update also changed, again, how to open an existing note so you can edit it. Now to edit a Note, locate and pull it up on your screen, then look in the lower right hand corner for a green circle icon with a pencil in it. Tap the icon to Open your Note.

As for the Editing Menu Bar, again look in the lower right hand of the screen and you should see a white circle with a capital A with three small horizontal lines to the right of the A. Tap this Icon to expand the Editing Menu Bar.

It will slide out to the left showing you the Bold, Italics, Underline and Highlighting symbols. Just tap whichever one(s) you want to use.

Slide the menu bar as far left as it will go to show the Checkbox, number Bullest, regular Bullets, Indent and Outdent options, which also appear as symbols. Again, just tap the one(s) you want to use.


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