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REQUEST: Horizontal Scroll Bar


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My feedback about Evernote for Windows 7:  I think it would be a convenient horizontal scroll bar.






My feedback about Evernote for Windows Phone:  Can you implement the following procedure with Evernote ?:  when I loaded a web page with Windows Explorer (on Windows Phone),  clicking on "share this page" -> opens a menu where you can select an application -> choosing Evernote, the application should open and allow the cut of the page (like the web clipper) after choosing the notebook, the type of crop and tags… . 

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I came her looking for advice on the horizontal scroll bar. Seems to be an age-old issue, unless I am missing something. It is bonkers: just about the only software that lacks it.


Fortunately, I have a Logitech mouse – others models may be available – that emulates horizontal scroll. Press down the correct button, the "middle click" wheel, and the trackball – I grew out of conventional mice years ago, but they probably do the same thing – and I can pan the Evernote window horizontally.





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