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Importing Springpad to Evernote WITHOUT .enex file

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Hi there,


Does anyone know how to import a springpad .zip file to evernote? I was seeking for a proper home for my springpad files and tried almost every new betas out there plus OneNote...but completely forgot about Evernote. Please don't ask why...I'm already kicking myself for this sheer stupidity.


I only have the zipped file, no .enex. Files inside contain the html file and a .json. Can't seem to ask support as I'm not a premium user, so I was wondering if anyone here can help?


Thanks, folks. 

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Hi - sorry to be the bearer of probably bad news,  but the time to move your data across was while Springpad still existed,  not months later.  There's no help available AFAIK to convert your files,  although you may be lucky if the HTML files are the basic notes,  and the JSON files are the notebooks,  tags and links that they were organised with. 


HTML files are readable in browsers,  and the web pages can be clipped with Evernote's standard clipper - so you could get your content back that way,  though there probably would be no link back to the source URL,  just to the file on your local hard drive.


The JSON files are 'human readable' structure files,  so have a look at one or two in an editor to see whether there's any information in there you can use.  There's no way to use the content effectively,  though if you batch change the file type to TXT you could import all the content for possible future reference.


The original conversion help is here in the KB - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/65972638  and just in case there's a different alternative to Evernote that can make use of these files,  here's an item by LifeHacker that set out to compare what was available - http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2014/06/03/definitive-guide-springpad-alternatives-spreadsheet-form


If you do want to get Evernote's take on this,  chat is available to all Premium members - no matter how short-lived their status.  You might upgrade for a month just to see if there are resources out there we don't know about...


Good luck with your search.  Others might contribute more on this here,  but when you do find a good way to resolve your issue,  please let us know!

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