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Evernote for Windows & is slowing down more every day


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So I've been using the lastest version of Evernote ( for Windows on a Windows 7 Machine.

Everything was fine until I started using Note Links to connect my notes and hyperlinks - now it can take 20 or 30 seconds for certain notes to load.


I've got about 2400 notes and most of them are just text.

Is this a known issue or is there a fix?

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

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I don't know if this is the same issue, but another user resolved performance issue as follows.  IF you have any Local Notebooks, you may want to export each NB into an ENEX file first.



I closed Evernote, renamed my top-level 'Databases' folder & restarted Evernote so it can sync back from the cloud to my PC.


After syncing, Evernote is a lot quicker to start  & stop.


I'll watch this for a day or two to make sure the problem is really solved, then report back.


Thanks everybody for all your input.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a difference between local notebooks and notebooks in general? Between stacks and standalone notebooks I probably have 50 of them, so really don't relish and reimporting them one at a time... :)


Also, there are 2 parts to you answer. The quoted part looks like a separate solution? Or am I reading that wrong?

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@Mtimes:  The quoted part is the solution found by another user to a problem that is similar to yours.  Since it requires rebuilding the EN database from scratch using the Evernote service, it will include ONLY sync'd Notebooks.  Therefore, IF you have any LOCAL Notebooks, they would be missing from the rebuilt database, and you would need to import them from a backup to ENEX files.


There are two basic types of Notebooks:  (1) Sync'd, and (2) Local.  When you create a new NB, by default, it is a sync'd NB.

So, you need to backup/export ONLY LOCAL Notebooks.


Does that clear things up?

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Maybe?... :)


How do you change a notebook you create to a local notebook? 

I don't remember doing anything but creating them other than moving them into stacks, so I'm hoping that meands I don't have to export anything and the rest of your steps will work.

Have I got that right?

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You can't.  Once you create a NB, you can't change the type.

Stacks don't matter in this context.


If ALL of your NBs are Sync'd NBs, then you don't have to do the export.

The only way you can tell which NBs are LOCAL, is to mouse over every NB in Notebook view.  The Sync'd NBs have a Share icon, the Local NBs do not.


When you rename the database file, you are effectively creating a backup, so that should cover you in case something goes wrong.


Before you follow the steps in the quote I gave you earlier, you should probably read through that entire thread to make sure you understand what to do and what to expect.  Any questions, you could always ask the poster of the quote.

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Thanks, but I'm guessing it's something else for a few reasons:

1. Evernote is installed on a computer that is only used for surfing, so nothing new has been installed in months.


2. Evernote was working fine before I started adding the note links.

3. The links work perfectly without delay on my iPhone and iPad (don't know if this is relevant, but thought I should include it).


So given all of the above, doesn't this suggest there's a bug with the Windows version?

Hoping there is another fix.

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I have not seen any other reports of problems with links slowing down Evernote.


The problem is that without being able to inspect your PC directly, I have nothing else to offer.

If a complete uninstall (app and data) and reinstall did not fix the problem, I don't have any other Evernote related suggestions.

Perhaps someone else here will -- I don't know.


IF you believe it is a bug then you can Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug, crash, or data lost", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.

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I had a similar problem. You can try trick I have found just recently (after using EN for 6 years!) 
there is hidding menu. Just hold CTRL and click on Help button - you will get bunch of hidden option. Try "Optimize Database"


See picture attached


Let us know if this works for you!
Good luck!


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You may try to delete local Evernote database (cache) in C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote


So your files will get downloaded again from Evernote cloud. But you do have local notebooks...I dont know - then above is not safe for you..

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I don't have local notebooks, but am not clear on what you're suggesting.

The earlier poster suggested that I shut down evernote, rename my old database, and then open evernote so it would download the database again. Are you suggesting I do the same thing but delete instead of rename the database? If yes, would that make a difference? If no, what are you suggesting?

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"Going forward, we are focusing on self-support for free users."

Translation: Free users cannot submit bug reports. 

Am I reading this wrong?




UPDATE FOR FREE USERS: Going forward, we are focusing on self-support for free users. In the future, this is what support free users should be able to expect: 

  • Continually improving Community, guide, and self-help (knowledge base) resources
  • Support from our agents for login/account access issues
  • Support from our agents for payment issues
  • Ability to report bugs to our developers (although we will only reply if more information is needed to identify the bug)
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