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Problems on syncing Notability with Evernote

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I lot of you guys using notability with evernote should know this trick:

Using this IFTTT recipe: THIS which links your notability backup in dropbox to gmail and forward to your evernote. It will appear in your evernote as a pdf which is like the normal pdf you can view in evernote, not a .zip file or just a link, like this:




This is under the dropbox sync setting as PDF only. 


However, if i set to PDF + audio. It will update a .zip file to my evernote.


What is the point of syncing if I can't view and hear my notes directly in evernote?

The reason I want to use notability is the function of AUDIO NOTES with normal notes taking. This is really important during lectures and conferences. But evernote is important as my second brain to store everything and allows me to review the notes easily. (But it is not efficient for quick notes taking esp. when I need to type and record and take photos at the same time)

An integration / automation of the two apps will be great for me. I can make my notes efficiently by notability and archive them in evernote.


So..does anyone has a solution????? Please help me :-(


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Have you tried using another recording app and taking your notes directly in Evernote?  When the recording is finished just move/ copy the resulting MP3 (or whatever) as an attached file to the same note.  As long as the device you're using has software to play that file type you can play the recording directly.

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