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Please don't MAKE us use the beta

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This is not a question.  Rather, it is a request of the Evernote team.  Please do not make us eventually use the Beta version.  I have not gone out to see a great deal of documentation about it or the future plans.  If it says the old version will always be an option, then great - you can ignore this request.  However, I do NOT like the new beta version for the main reason that it takes too many clicks now to get between the home page and editing and creating a note within a specified folder.  Yes, it looks nice and it operates nicely too.  However, I prefer the SPA look and feel of having everything right there in a single window which is what the current version does.


Some folks may love the new UI - great.  I, for one, do not.



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I fully agree with you. When I first saw the beta, I thought "Ugh! what's that?". Normally I am embracing changes, but this - no thanks. There's too much wrong to list it here.


From what I learned from my sales guys, the forum is not the source of information they use to decide on the way forward. Still, I'm trying it again:


Evernote, please fix the basics first (referring to EN business ...)

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Your sales guys are wrong; Evernote does take into account suggestions made in the forums, but as with most software developers, they don't implement every suggestion. Just the ones that make sense for their design, and their resources.

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