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Numbering Bug


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Did a quick search and didn't see this listed anywhere else in the forum, apologizes if repost. Using numbering and indents works well in Evernote so long as you enter them in order (for example 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4 etc.) However, if you need to edit an existing numbered list with indents, I find I often get double auto numbering as below.



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There have been numerous comments about the tab / bullet / numbering issues with Evernote.


My solution is to use WorkFlowy.com 

Once it meets my needs, I copy the information to Evernote.


If I need to update it, I go back to WorkFlowy and repeat the process.

If I had a need to update regularly (daily), I would probably not use Evernote.


There has been some chatter about a pending improvement in the editor.

Maybe it will solve the problem / Maybe it wont.

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You see these things occasionally with numbered and bullet lists; usually what I would try in your case is to go to the end of the previous line (e.g "4. OFR"), press Delete to delete the last character in the line and pull the offending line up, then Enter to put the offending line back on its own line, and tab (or Ctrl+M) to indent it. A pain, I know, if it works (it doesn't always).

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