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(Archived) Readability + Applescript clipper.



Back in June, I posted a javascript bookmarklet that integrated readability and evernote to allow you quickly reformat a webpage for reading and clip it to Evernote. Later, in that same post forum, I posted an applescript which did the same thing. For that bookmarklet go here: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=10450

Since then I've re-written the applescript, and wanted to repost it, along with some other Mac based options, here, in the Mac section of the forums.

A quick note: These applescripts are written to use Safari. Firefox doesn't support applescript...

Download the applescript: articleENClip.zip. It is a .zip, and should be automatically unzipped by OS X after downloading.

To install, move the applescript to your HOMEFOLDER/Library/Scripts Folder. To get easier access to it, in Snow Leopard, open Applescript Editor.app go to Preferences >> General and make sure the option and make sure the option to "show script menu in menu bar" is checked. In Tiger or Leopard open Applescript Utility and check the same option.

For a keyboard shortcut to applescripts you need a 3rd party application. Quicksilver, Fastscripts, and (I think) Launchbar all can do this. I use Quicksilver.

HOWEVER, in Snow Leopard, Services can be given keyboard shortcuts, and creating a service with applescript is very simple. I've done it for you. So for Snow users, who use Safari, I'd recommend ditching the applescipt and using this service: articleENClipService.zip.

To install, move it to your HOMEFOLDER/Library/Services folder. To use it, Once you're at a webpage you want reformatted and clipped to Evernote: Go to the Safari menu >> Services submenu and select ArticleENService, and wait a second. You'll see the page reformatted, possible a blink, and then the page will reload back to its original formatting. Evernote should have it.

To set up a keyboard shortcut for this service: Go to System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Keyboard Shortcuts and select "Services" in the list on the left. Scroll through the list on the right till you see "ArticleENClipService" and, make sure its box is checked. Then double click over to the right of the name and a cursor/text field should appear allowing you to type your desired keyboard shortcut.


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I have tried several times to install this script, but I haven't succeeded. I can get it to work if I actually go into the automator program, but it doesn't appear in the services folder of Safari. Obviously I am doing something wrong - I am reasonably good with computers, but I am not used to scripts. I have attached a snag of my screen which may cast some light on the problem. Thanks for any help :?

Kari Anne


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