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(Archived) Frustrating text editor

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I tried searching the forum to see if there was a thread on the editor capability in evernote. Is there a plan to improve it more than just a simple text editor?? I would love to use EN for all note taking, I try really hard but the constant changing of font randomly, lack of basic control of formatting (bullets, numbering etc is pretty bad) really makes making to do lists and taking notes during work mtgs really difficult.

Take a simple tool like Tomboy, would love to see EN implement a smarter editor like that.

Plus take the "linking" capability from Tomboy and you will have alot of happy users

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Which platform are you using? We have separate editors on the web, Windows, and Mac clients. (And separate forums for each.)

We did a fair amount of work recently on the Mac editor, and plan to keep improving each.


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