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Unable to edit notes / notes disappear (on PC only)


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Using the BETA version of Evernote


The past few days, I have been unable to edit notes (when I click on it via PC, the note just disappears) and when I initially click on the notes, I only see the title (nothing else). 


I am not having this issue with the iPad 2, I can see the notes and edit fine. 


I tried to revert to the older version of Evernote, and I am stuck in an endless "searching" mode and nothing loads.


What is causing this? I am tearing my hair out. 

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Somewhat weird.  You mentioned being able to use the iPad client,  so I hope you're not completely locked out,  but still.  Have you tried other browsers?  There's also a "Poodle fix" floating around that might (maybe) be implicated - whether or not you use Internet Explorer on your system,  open it up for just long enough to do the following:


Internet Explorer > Settings > Internet Options > Advanced.

scroll down to Security

Check "Use TLS 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2".  and UNcheck any SSL boxes.


Save and close

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